St. Louis Poetry Center

Our Mission

Our passion for poetry guides us to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the infinite possibilities of the written word. We conduct workshops, contests, outreach programs and readings to promote poetry in the community.

October ends with Poetry at the Point

4th Tuesdays at the Focal Point: October 28, 7:30 pm

Poetry at the Point with Aliki Barnstone, Reagan Upshaw and Buzz Spector, a real powerhouse of a lineup with numerous publications, translations and works of art to their credit.  (click on the link or the "Readings" tab to read more)

Workshop Change:

Jonathan Smith will be the November poet/critic, replacing Stacey Lynn Brown who will join us in April 2015.  Deadline for submissions is midnight on November 1. Workshop resumes its 1:30 pm start time on November 9 at the U. City Library, 2nd floor (elevator).

LIT in the LOU: launched and expecting to return for 2015


St. Louis Post Dispatch: August 3, September 7 , October 5, Lets Go (Post Dispatch) Friday, Oct. 10;  West End Word Friday October 10; Cityscape KWMU October 3; KDHX Litature for the Halibut October 6; RFT "Night and Day", October 9;  Our thanks to Jane, Stefene, Dwight, Nicky and Mary

YOU can still "BE A BOOK" on our shelf by donating through our IndieGoGo campaign.  30 DAYS LEFT to help us wrap up this INAUGURAL event.

Poets that presented in readings, panels and spoken word events: DESPITE the cold: in no particular order: Walter Bargen, Janie Ibur, Susan Grigsby, Katy Gordon, Vincent Casaregola, gaye gambell-peterson, Jennifer Goldring, Richard Newman, Pamela Garvey, Eamonn Wall, Sally Van Doren, Jonathan Smith, Jeff Hamilton, MK Stallings, Brit Blasingame, Matthew Freeman, Jason Vasser, Chris Parr, Drucill Wall, Stephanie Schlaifer, Steve Schroeder, Dwight Bitikofer, Kim Lozano, Tim Leach, John S. Tieman, Jay Harden, Marcel Toussaint, John Han, Alice Azure, Eugene Redmond, Shirley LeFlore, Susan Lively, Chloe Nelson, Mazare Rogers, Greg the Poet Harris, Michael Castro, Maria Balough, Jessie Forman, Justin McCain, Kasey Grady, Kristin Brown... who did we forget?

The Volunteer extraordinaire award goes to Ed Kindley who  manned the booth the full day.  Ony two poets took advantage of the opportuntiy to sell in the SLPC booth: congrats to Wanita Zumbrunnen and Suzanne Rhodenbaugh!  The SLLC will announce the "2015 Lit in the Lou" soon.... plan to be a part.  Check out the photos in the GALLERY!

The Saint Louis Literary Consortium is a literary arts collaborative.  Founding members are St. Louis Poetry Center, St. Louis Writers Guild, PenUltimate Press, Blank Slate Press, Walrus Publishing.  Membership is open to all orgs and businesses, once our non-profit status clears.  Join us in the planning now, (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). also see

The Fall Newsletter: Request it by email at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (12 pages of info)

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The Fall continues with Extraordinary Poets

Poetry at the Point: October 28, 7:30 pm

4th Tuesdays at the Focal Point, 2720 Sutton, 63143,. A great lineup with Aliki Barnstone, Reagan Upshaw and Buzz Spector.  Click on the Readings Tab at the left for bios.

second friday notes:  November 14, 2014

Whole Foods Market Café in Town & Country site at Woods Mill and Clayton Roads. Free, begins at 7pm.

Observable Readings: November 10, 2014:

Llywelyn's Pub, 4747 McPherson, upstairs (no elevator), 7:30 pm, donations welcome

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